Occupational Medicine Team

The Occupational medicine is all about keeping workers healthy and workplaces safe. Employees injured during the course of employment, or who suffer from work-related illnesses or diseases, require specialized care and may be eligible for Workers' Compensation

Name Phone Email
Mark Bates (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Kimberly Handel (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Molly Hassinger (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Kathleen Renaud (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Terra Rhoades (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Wendi Ross (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Deborah Strine (814) 863-8492 [email protected]
Jaclyn Zazworsky (814) 863-8492 [email protected]