Parking Enforcement Worker - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Campus Operations  

JOB CODE: 8526-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Parking Enforcement Workers monitor areas across campus to ensure the availability of parking and the safety of those entering and exiting campus lots by upholding University Parking regulations; provide information on parking regulations and available parking options; patrol assigned area of campus to identify parking violations and illegally parked vehicles; issue parking tickets and/or warnings. 


  • Greet campus visitors; respond to questions and provide information 
  • Inspect roadways, parking areas, etc. for motor vehicles parked in violation of parking rules and regulations; issue parking tickets and/or warnings 
  • Identify vehicles designated for towing; contact towing service and report vehicle information; document and report vehicle information to University Police 
  • Identify bicycles parked in violation of parking rules and regulations and issue tickets and/or warnings 
  • Identify and tag all unregistered and dilapidated bicycles 
  • Impound bicycles as necessary; complete bicycle property receipt and assign storage number 
  • Assemble barricades and set up cones for events, special parking arrangements, etc. 
  • Inspect roadways, parking lots, signage, etc. for safety issues and/or disrepair; report issues to supervisor and/or University Police as necessary 
  • Place barricades or cones as necessary to maintain a safe environment 
  • Direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic within parking lots during special events or an emergency 
  • Operate equipment such as handheld computer/printers, two-way radios, cameras, power grinders and bolt cutters