Personal Application Statement Rubric

Using up to 750 words, please explain your interest in the Penn State Emerging Leader program by describing:

  • Why you are applying, and what makes you a great candidate.
  • Be sure to highlight your personal skills, objectives, and the qualities you would bring to the Penn State Emerging Leaders Program, and the importance of leadership development.
  • Include at least one example of when you demonstrated leadership skills. This could be an example from either your personal or professional life (e.g. membership in clubs, professional organizations, religious groups).
  • Given that the program requires a minimum of 100 hours of effort, with only 44 of those hours in the classroom, how do you anticipate completing the program requirements?

Note: Please be aware that the Penn State Emerging Leader Program is a Leadership Development program. It is for your personal development and does not cover supervisory or management skills, knowledge or abilities. Participation in, or completion of this program does not guarantee promotion to a leadership role or position of authority. Be sure to frame your essay around leadership.

Rubric for Assessment of Personal Application Statement 
Evaluation Criteria 3 - Excellent 2 - Average 1 - Minimal
Completeness Fully and completely answers all aspects of essay questions Addresses 50% or less of essay questions Addresses less than 50% of essay questions
Communication of Thought Thoughts are very well connected demonstrating sophistication in self-expression; with minor, non-repeated writing errors Thoughts are somewhat connected with few aspects unclear; with occasional writing errors Thoughts are unclear, demonstrating poor ability to express ideas; with persistent or repeated writing errors
Knowledge of PSEL Program Shows a deep understanding of the PSEL program Shows a moderate understanding of the PSEL program Shows a shallow understanding of the PSEL program
Statements on Applicability
to Usefulness of Leadership
Makes very strong arguments regarding the usefulness of leadership development Makes at least one reasonable argument on the usefulness of leadership development Makes weak arguments on the usefulness of leadership development