Public Safety Specialist (Unarmed)




Job Title Definition

Public Safety Specialists enforce polices, rules and regulations to ensure the safety and security of the campus community; respond to notifications of unsafe conditions or threats; conduct inspections; ensure established procedures are followed by employees, students, and visitors.

Job Duties

  • Enforce University security policies, rules, and regulations
  • Maintain visibility in the community to prevent illegal or unsafe acts and protect property
  • Patrol buildings to ensure security measures are intact
  • Respond to questions and provide general information
  • Monitor camera feeds from various facilities
  • Respond to radio calls, requests for assistance or services, and alarms; take appropriate action and call for assistance if needed
  • Ensure established procedures are followed for employees and visitors such as search of materials entering and exiting buildings, escorting of personnel, etc.
  • Conduct preliminary investigation of safety incidents and determine if escalation is required
  • Submit reports of daily activities and irregularities
  • Assist in conducting semi-annual security inspections
  • Identify individuals who do not possess proper credentials and refer to proper authorities, if necessary

Minimum Education and Experience

High School Diploma or higher

0 to 1 year of relevant experience

Other Requirements

Driver's License, U.S. citizenship, ability to pass a criminal background investigation, and may require the successful completion of a drug screen.