Reporting Child Abuse - Assessment Review

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Legal Definitions & Policies : Lesson 2

According to Pennsylvania law, what is an Authorized Adult?

Pennsylvania law requires certain people to report suspected child abuse. These people are known as Authorized Adult. By law, if you are an Authorized Adult, you must make a report of suspected child abuse if you have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse. For further review see 2.2.

According to Penn State policy, who is an authorized adult?

ALL University employees, volunteers and independent contractors, REGARDLESS of their status as defined by Pennsylvania law, who have reasonable suspicion of child abuse are to make a report as outlined in Policy AD72. For further review see 2.3.

Understanding Child Abuse : Lesson 3

What are some red flags that could indicate a child is being abused?

Some possible indicators of abuse include: risk-taking behaviors; withdrawn, anti-social behavior; unusual, excessive fear and/or apprehension of a particular person; “frozen awareness” or “frozen watchfulness”; changes in sleeping patterns; changes in school performance and attendance; and eating disorders. For further review see 3.1.

Name the categories of child abuse.

According to Pennsylvania law the categories of abuse that apply to children under the age of 18 include:

  • Bodily Injury or Likelihood of Bodily Injury
  • Fabricating, Exaggerating, or Inducing a Medical Symptom or Disease
  • Serious Physical Neglect
  • Serious Mental Injury
  • Sexual Abuse or Exploitation or Likelihood of Sexual Abuse or Exploitation
  • Additional Specific Recent Acts
  • Causing the Death of the Child

(For signs and symptoms see 3.2)

Do you need to report non-touching, sexually exploitive behavior?

Yes, you do need to report non-touching, sexually exploitative behaviors such as indecent exposure or sexual exploitation. (For further review see 3.2)

What is grooming?

Sexual predators use specific techniques to break down inhibitions and to ensure that children will not tell other adults about the abuse. This process is known as grooming. For further review see 3.4.

Responding to a Disclosure : Lesson 3

The SSABER model can be used in the event of a disclosure of child abuse. What are the steps involved in using this model?

Stay Calm, Support, Affirm, Believe, Empower, Report. For further review see 3.6.

What is a minimal facts interview?

This involves gathering only as much information during a disclosure as is needed to report so that the local agency can begin an investigation. For further review see 3.6.

Reporting Child Abuse : Lesson 4

What is ChildLine?

ChildLine accepts calls from the public and professional sources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ChildLine will provide information, counseling, and referral services for families and children to ensure the safety and well-being of the children of Pennsylvania. For further review see 4.1.

According to Penn State policy (AD72), how should an employee report suspected child abuse?

Penn State Employee Poster

What is different about making a report in the case where a child is in immediate danger?

If a child is in immediate danger, you should first contact police by dialing 911 to obtain immediate protection for the child. For further review see 4.1.