Retiree Prescription Coverage

Retirees and/or retiree dependents who are participating in the retiree Lion Advantage, Lion Traditional, or Medicare Advantage Freedom Blue PPO plan through Highmark, can continue to utilize University Health Services (UHS) for their pharmacy needs or utilize an in-network pharmacy to fill their prescriptions under Express Scripts/Accredo.

For employees utilizing specialty medications, the Accredo Specialty Medication Guide will be helpful regarding the refill process or where to call for assistance. Additional details regarding University Health Services Pharmacy are located through Penn State’s Office of Student Affairs.

All major chains, except Walgreens, are included in the Express Scripts pharmacy network. You can verify your pharmacy network status by visiting the Highmark website and clicking on Find A Doctor Or Pharmacy using more detailed instructions below:

Locate an in-network Pharmacy

  1. After clicking Find a Doctor or Pharmacy, click on Find A Pharmacy.
  2. Next you will need to select Locate a National Network Pharmacy.
  3. Enter Zip Code and click Search to locate an in-network pharmacy near you.

Find your prescription on the Formulary

  1. After clicking Find a Doctor or Pharmacy, click on Find a Drug.
  2. Next you will need to select National Select Formulary.
  3. Search for your prescription drug name on the list.

Highmark Copay Armor Program

Retiree Lion Traditional Participants Only – select specialty medication.

For retirees and/or retiree dependents in the Lion Traditional plan, Highmark utilizes a voluntary copay assistance program, called Copay Armor, to help reduce the cost of select high-priced specialty medications.

Copay Armor, powered by PillarRx Consulting, helps to leverage manufacturer assistance dollars to lower your out-of-pocket specialty prescription costs. The team at PillarRx works with you through personalized service. No matter what, your out-of-pocket costs will always be the same or less than what you’re currently paying. Upon enrollment in the Retiree Lion Traditional medical plan, participants should expect to receive a welcome letter in the mail as well as a phone call from PillarRx regarding enrollment in the voluntary program for select specialty medication.

Advantages of the Copay Armor program:

  • You’ll save money with manufacturer assistance — low to $0 out-of-pocket costs.
  • Copay Armor works at any in-network specialty pharmacy.
  • The PillarRx team is always there to assist you.
  • There is no additional cost to enroll in Copay Armor.

Please contact the Highmark Concierge Team with any questions regarding the Copay Armor program.

Other Copay Assistance Programs

There may be opportunities for you to pay lower out-of-pocket costs on select medications at retail pharmacies, including UHS. In many cases, your out-of-pocket costs will be the lowest through the drug plan. We encourage Penn State members to be educated consumers and if you can find a lower cost option to utilize that benefit to supplement the insurance provided through Highmark today.

Option 1: Use a drug discount card. Vendors such as GoodRx partner with retail pharmacies to offer lower prices for brand and generic drugs. There are many options available, which can be found via Google. Any pharmacy claims that use a drug discount card do NOT go through the prescription plan and therefore will NOT accumulate towards your deductible, if applicable, or out-of-pocket maximum.

Option 2: Use a copay assistance program (i.e. a copay card) provided by the drug manufacturer for a Brand drug. These dollars are separate funds allocated by the manufacturer to promote brand loyalty and can be used in addition to your prescription plan benefits. The easiest place to find more information is by going to the website for your drug (use Google if needed). Please note that only the amount that you actually pay will count towards your out-of-pocket maximum.

Pharmacy Benefit Contacts and Forms

University Health Services (UHS) | 814-865-9321 | UHS Mail Order Form 

Highmark Concierge Team | 844-945-5509 | Express Scripts Mail Order Form 

Preventive Drug List

Retiree Lion Advantage - No deductible, coinsurance only

Retiree Lion Traditional:

  • Generic Drugs - 10% coinsurance
  • Preferred Brand Drugs - 20% coinsurance
  • Non-Preferred Brand Drugs - 40% coinsurance

Retiree Lion Advantage Prescription

Retiree Lion Advantage Prescription Coinsurance Costs
Drug Brands Retail Pharmacy
(30-day supply)
Mail Order Specialty (Accredo)
Generic 10% 10%  
Preferred Brand Drugs 20% 20% 20%; $65 minimum
Non-Preferred Brand Drugs 40% 40% 40%; $100 minimum 

Out of Pocket Maximum - Integrated with Retiree Lion Advantage deductible

Retiree Lion Traditional Prescription Coinsurance Costs
Drug Brands Retail Pharmacy
(30-day supply)
Mail Order Specialty (Accredo)
Generic 50% 20%  
Preferred Brand Drugs 50% 20% 50%; $65 maximum
Non-Preferred Brand Drugs 70% 40% 70%; $100 maximum 

Out of Pocket Maximum - $2,000 (Individual Coverage) | $8,000 (Family Coverage)

Medicare Advantage FreedomBlue PPO
Drug Brands Retail Pharmacy
(30-day supply)
Mail Order
Generic $12 copay $24 copay
Preferred Brand Drugs $20 copay $40 copay
Non-Preferred Brand Drugs $50 copay $100 copay
Specialty (limited to 31 day supply) $50 copay $50 copay

Catastrophic Coverage Period (After $8k member out of pocket costs) - There is $0 member cost sharing for covered Part D drugs in the catastrophic coverage phase.