Self Directed Informal Workplace Learning

Self-directed learning activities comprise a significant portion program work. This approach encourages the learner to identify development goals and select learning activities best suited to help them achieve their goals. It allows the learner to select activities that align with their learning style, manage the pace of study and integrate learning activities with their work and personal schedules. 

The Self-Directed Informal Workplace Learning component of Penn State Emerging Leaders will help participants to:

  • Increase effectiveness in their roles as they “learn to learn” from their own work experiences and consistently apply the learning.
  • Partake in learning opportunities that extend beyond the barriers of their job description, which will offer exposure to knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success in current and future roles.
  • Increase their breadth of exposure to different areas of the University
  • Benefit from the guidance and example provided by current leaders in the institution

Participants will be provided a framework for this work that includes a broad range of independent learning activities to be completed at their own pace. The process starts with identification of learning goals and culminates with a personal Leadership Philosophy Statement.

Activities assigned in the framework include:

  • Conducting leadership interviews
  • Development of mentoring relationships
  • Participation in external learning activities (reading, webinars, conferences)
  • Identification of on-the-job opportunities to develop new skills