Steam Services Worker - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Facilities, Grounds, and Utilities 

JOB CODE: 8546-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Perform a variety of duties in support of University Steam Services.  


  • Perform a variety of maintenance on steam tunnels and manholes 
  • Lubricate, pack, and exercise valves; inspect, maintain, and repack expansion joints; shore ditches; build forms for the installation of insulating materials; remove and replace piping in ditches; check steam traps for proper operation 
  • Perform piping repairs on all distribution systems, including high- and low-pressure steam, condensate, gas, and air line systems 
  • Repair insulation of piping in steam tunnels and manholes 
  • Perform confined space entry duties for Steam Services Personnel in the distribution system 
  • Inspect, set-up, and operate rescue equipment; operate confined space air monitoring equipment; monitor radio communications; complete confined space documentation; allow or restrict access of personal as appropriate 
  • Perform dewatering procedures on steam manholes throughout the distribution system 
  • Remove dirt, mud, leaves, and debris in steam tunnels; replace lightbulbs; notify Steam Services Mechanics of potential deficiencies in the steam system 
  • Follow established safety procedures when working around hazardous conditions including but not limited to hot surfaces, confined spaces, steam and condensate piping, and lock-out/tag-out procedures