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  • HR is now accepting applications for the Penn State Emerging Leaders program set to run in February 2023.
  • Our seminars and workshops can be tailored and delivered upon request. If your professional development needs extend beyond the offerings listed on our site, we can develop a workshop, or series of workshops, to meet your specific requirements. Customized services can be delivered to any work unit at any location.
  • Goals should be set for the 2022-2023 performance cycle and here are some helpful resources to in managing them throughout the year.

Talent Management

The Penn State Human Resources (HR) Talent Management team is committed to supporting the University’s employees in achieving their professional and developmental goals. Our programs and services support individual skill development that empowers success in our employees’ daily work life and achievement of career development objectives. Additionally, we work with employees and teams within the University to develop and deliver solutions that will improve their effectiveness through enhancements to their systems, structure, and processes.

Performance Management

Individual Development

Organizational Development