Why should your business promote through the Penn State Discount program?

First and foremost, participation in Penn State Discounts is FREE! Over 1,500 people visit our site per month. We promote our site during our annual benefits fair and mention the various participating businesses. You may discontinue participation in the program at any time.

Exclusions and Guidelines

Before you elect to participate in the Penn State Discounts program, we would like to clarify the purpose of this site and provide you with guidelines in submitting your discount request.

Our goal is to drive traffic to our website and quickly/consistently communicate the variety of discounts available. For this reason, we ask that you:

  • Do not send us any large files or pdfs to be placed on our website.
  • Please contact us with any url changes and maintain up-to-date promo codes.(if applicable)

To avoid any misunderstanding, please communicate your businesses participation in Penn State discounts to your employees.

If you are strictly an ecommerce business, we ask that you seek promotional opportunities via Smart Savings, Corporate Shopping Co. or These sites are dedicated promoting ecommerce savings to Penn State Employees.

By submitting a Discount Request form, you agree:

  • Not to solicit on campus or contact an employee in person, via email or by written materials during the employee’s workday except as authorized by the Discounts Coordinator.
  • Not use Penn State logos or seals or otherwise imply that participation in the employee discount program is an endorsement of your product or service.

Paricipation in the Penn State discounts program is not meant to be a contractual agreement. Therefore, we cannot sign any legal documentation regarding your participation in the program.

If you are interested in promoting your business via this website, simply fill out this form and a representative will follow-up with you regarding further details.

Note: Submitting a request form does not guarantee inclusion in the discounts program.