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Workers Compensation

Reporting an Injury

An injured worker may not complete their own injury report. Please consult your supervisor for information regarding the proper reporting procedures for your area. You may also contact our office if you need assistance reporting an injury. With Penn State's electronic reporting system, safety officers and HR Strategic Partners are notified automatically that a report has been filed for an employee in their area. Employees with reporting access may also call the reporting line with Claim Capture if there is a technical issue with reporting the injury online. The PSU reporting number is 877-219-7738.

Medical Treatment

The injured worker must choose a Health Care Provider Panel participant for the first 90 days of treatment in order to ensure that the University will pay for medical treatment. For Penn State Extension employees ONLY, see Penn State Extension Employee Panels.

Emergency Medical Treatment

If the injury results in an immediate medical emergency, initial medical assistance may be obtained from the nearest hospital. However, follow-up care must be from a Health Care Provider Panel participant.


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