Educational Privileges


All faculty, staff and retirees who have a dependent child or spouse receiving or applying for the Grant-In-Aid tuition discount benefit:

Please be aware that you MUST complete a new Grant-In-Aid form prior to EACH semester or summer session in which the Grant-In-Aid is to be applied. Grant-In-Aid will not be applied retroactively to previous semesters. Active faculty, staff and Teamster members - click on the appropriate button above to access the online Grant-In-Aid form. Retirees must complete a paper form, which is located in the Retiree tab of the Employee Benefits website.

Please contact the Employee Benefits Division if you have any questions regarding the Grant-in-Aid benefit. After your request is approved, you will see the discount reflected on your next student account statement in LionPATH.

If you have not already completed Dependent Verification with our business partner, AON Hewitt, you will be required to do so in order to maintain the dependent tuition discount. A packet of information and instructions will be mailed to your home address and you will have 90 days to complete the process.

For more details about the dependent verification program please refer to our web page at: Dependents who do not successfully complete the verification will have the tuition discount removed from their accounts and will be responsible for the entire tuition amount.