The compensation team manages all full-time and part-time staff, and technical service job profiles. The profiles serve as a guideline for the University to ensure jobs are classified and compensated consistently based on job duties, education required, and level of experience. 

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Full-Time Staff Job Profiles

View the staff job profile and level catalog.

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Part-Time Staff and Unionized Job Descriptions

View profiles and descriptions for part-time staff positions and part- and full-time positions covered under a collective bargaining agreement.

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Staff Salary Grades and Leveling Matrix

View the updated salary grades for staff positions and the leveling matrix used to assign levels to positions.

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Staff Compensation Philosophy

View an overview of Penn State’s staff compensation philosophy, which includes information on how pay is administered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

View questions related to staff job architecture, salary structure, and more.

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Staff Position Description

Learn how to access and complete a Staff Position Description.