Connected Leaders Academy

Connected Leaders Academy

Human Resources has partnered with McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, to bring its Connected Leaders Academy (CLA) to Penn State employees. CLA is intended to advance racial equity and inclusion by investing in the development of future leaders within an organization by increasing the number of employees from underrepresented populations in leadership positions, improving talent pipelines, and unlocking the full potential of existing employees. Participation in CLA programs will equip employees with the skills, peer networks, and sponsorship needed to achieve their professional aspirations for growth.

Program participants attend virtual, weekly sessions, and following completion, program alumni will have access to ongoing learning and networking opportunities through CLA. There is no cost associated with participating in the program, and Penn State participants who successfully complete the program requirements will receive badges and certificates from Penn State Talent Management. 

CLA has three leadership academies and in each of these, there are three programs for leadership development for entry-level employees, mid-level managers and senior executives:  

Leadership Essentials Badge

CLA Leadership Essentials Program

Designed for early career professionals with less than seven years of work experience and aims to sharpen core business acumen and self-leadership tools in preparation for leading teams and larger projects/initiatives. This is a 3-month program, requiring 2-3 hours of commitment per week.

Accelorator Badge

CLA Management Accelerator Program

Designed for mid-level and senior managers who are 4-5 levels from the President and aims to help build core management and leadership abilities to lead successful businesses and teams. This is a 4-month program, requiring 2-3 hours of commitment per week.

Executive Leadership Badge

CLA Executive Leadership Program

Designed for senior executives 1-3 levels from the President and aims to help hone executive leadership capabilities. This is a 3-month program, requiring 2 hours per week. This program also requires the active support of a Penn State Executive Sponsor committed to the employee’s growth and advancing talent equitably within Penn State. 

Submit your expression of interest form today!

Those interested in participating in one of the CLA programs in 2024 should submit an expression of interest form as soon as possible. This form will then be routed to the applicant’s manager for review and approval. Supervisor support is essential to the participant’s success in the program to ensure they are given the capacity to attend sessions, complete activities, and the opportunity to share and apply the learning.  

Questions about McKinsey & Company’s CLA programs at Penn State should be directed to [email protected].