Lactation Stations

The Breastfeeding Support Program at Penn State provides rooms (Lactation Stations) at several locations on the Penn State University Park campus, as well as, Abington, Harrisburg, Schuylkill, Fayette, Erie, and Worthington Scranton campuses. These rooms are available to all Penn State students, faculty, staff and their spouses/domestic partners to provide a comfortable, convenient place on campus for breastfeeding or breast milk pumping.

 About the Lactation Stations

Lactation Stations provide a secure, private and restful room for you to breastfeed or pump. All stations will include a chair, desk or table, and electrical outlet. Stations at University Park, Penn State Abington, Penn State Erie, Penn State Schuylkill, and Penn State Harrisburg also provide a hospital-grade, multi-user pump.

Some stations will also provide:

  • In-room or nearby sink
  • Toys
  • A refrigerator for milk storage
  • A campus telephone line

At a Lactation Station, you have four options. You may:

  1. Nurse your child at the Lactation Station
  2. Use your own personal pump at the Lactation Station
  3. Provide your own personal pumping kit to be used with the Lactina or Symphony pump housed at the Lactation Station* (applicable campuses)
  4. Purchase a personal pumping kit from The Breastfeeding Support Program to be used with the Lactina or Symphony pump housed at the Lactation Station (applicable campuses)

*Medela Pump In Style parts are not compatible with the hospital-grade pumps or with the Medela Symphony

The pumps available in the Lactation Stations are Medela Lactina Select pumps. Kit details:

  • Kits to be used with the Lactation Station's Pumps are available through the Breastfeeding Support Program.
  • After purchase, these kits are yours to keep and bring with you for use with our pumps anytime you utilize a Lactation Station
  • These kits can also be used as a hand pump whenever you are at home or cannot access a Lactina pump
  • A conversion kit is available for use with the Medela Symphony pumps for those who have previously purchased a Lactina or Symphony

If you have your own kit or pump:

  • Kits used with Lactation Station Pumps must be Medela Lactina compatible
  • If you choose to bring your own pump, it may be of any brand
  • If you do not need to purchase a kit or you have your own pump, then use of the Lactation Station is free of charge
Lactation Station Locations
Building Room
Armsby Building Room 8

Bank of America Career Services

Interview Room
Beaver Stadium (please see note below) Above Gate "E" Near Section NL
Biobehavioral Health Bldg Room 031
Business Building Room 219 F
Hammond Building Room 151 A
Millenium Science Complex W103
OPP Annex Building Room 268-H
Osmond Laboratory Room 3 B
Pasquerilla Spiritual Center Room 129
Pattee Library West Room W-336
Technology Center (Innovation Park) 117J
Technology Support Building Main Lobby (see Front Desk staff)
Walker Building Room 229C
Penn State Altoona:
Sheetz Health Center
Room 102T
Penn State Abington:
Sutherland Building
Room 403 C
Penn State Behrend: Health and Wellness Center in the Carriage House Room C
Penn State Fayette: Williams Building Room 104 
Penn State Harrisburg: Library  Room 115D
Penn State Harrisburg: Capital Union Building Wellness Center Room 220

Penn State Schuylkill: Health and Wellness Building

Room 210B
Penn State Worthington Scranton: Health Services Room 10 SLC

 Beaver Staduim Access

Breast Pumps are permitted to be taken into Beaver Stadium. The preference is that they are placed in clear plastic 1-gallon zip-lock bags. If this is not possible, the pump may still be brought into the stadium, but it will need to be inspected and tagged at any entrance gate. The EMS station near Gate E can provide refrigeration for breast milk.

Lactation Station Access

Lactation Stations can be reserved for 30-minute blocks. Prior to using the campus Lactation Stations you will be required to attend a brief orientation meeting.
During this meeting, you will:

  1. Learn proper use and maintenance of the pump and kit provided by The Breastfeeding Support Program
  2. Complete required paperwork
  3. Review Lactation Station policies and procedures

At University Park, call 814-867-0776 or email to schedule an orientation session. For other campus locations, please see the Contact Information page.