Supervision Essentials

New Supervisors 

Beginning January 2021, HR Talent Management is delivering a program designed specifically for new supervisors at Penn State. This program provides foundational information for a new supervisor with a focus on core processes and policy.  

Topics include: Performance Reviews, Compensation and Classification Topics, HR Policy, Labor Relations, Overview of Recruiting, Budgeting & Finance, Absence Management, Onboarding New Employees, Workplace Safety, Ethics and Diversity. 

This curriculum is automatically assigned to anyone hired into or transferring into a supervisor position. These are positions with direct responsibility for an individual or team. In Workday these positions have the “Manager” role and are assigned one or more supervisory organizations. 

Current Supervisors 

If you are a current supervisor interested in learning opportunities, please visit our Upcoming Programs webpage to learn more about supervisor, manager and leadership training opportunities. 

Questions about these or other HR Talent Management programs and services should be submitted via an inquiry. Select “Talent Management/Workplace Learning” as the topic.