Management Concepts

Management Concepts

Managers play a vital role in an organization's success. By nature of their role, managers have a direct impact on every person that reports to them, both directly and through the cascaded organization (subordinate teams). How a manager communicates, engages and behaves sets the tone for the rest of their team(s).

When launched, Management Concepts will be a three-track program designed for individuals already in a manager role, both those new to management as well as experienced managers interested in refreshing their skills. The tracks included in this program will be :

  • Managing Self: the development of attributes important to leadership
  • Managing the Team: development of important people management skills
  • Managing the Work: focus on skills needed to effectively direct the work of the team

Each track will consist of 4-5, online, instructor-led courses that support the theme of each track. The tracks can be taken in any order. Upon program completion, participants earn a badge that can be included in an email signature, resume, vitae, portfolio or shared to social media (i.e., LinkedIn profile).

The expected launch date for this program is Fall 2023. Stay tuned to this webpage for more detail or subscribe to the Talent Management Newsletter by sending an email [email protected]