Staff and Administrators

The amount of vacation you accumulate and the maximum balance that can be carried in any month depends on your position classification (exempt or nonexempt), the type of appointment you have, and your length of continuous University service. 

If you are preparing for a major life event, or have experienced an unexpected work-related situation, you may be granted an exception to the maximum accumulation allowed. Please see HR 34 for complete details. 

Vacation time off is scheduled by mutual agreement between you and your college or department. You should verify with your supervisor how the process works.  

Accumulation Rates

100% FTE

Vacation Accumulation Rates
Years of Service Monthly Accumulation Rate Maximum Accumulation Allowed
0-10 12 hrs 192 hrs
11-25 16 hrs 240 hrs
26+ 18 hrs 264 hrs
Vacation Accumulation Rates
Years of Service Monthly Accumulation Rate Maximum Accumulation Allowed
0-25 16 hrs 240 hrs
26+ 18 hrs 264 hrs

For complete details, see Policy HR 34: Vacation, Staff Employees or Policy HR 92: Administrator

Technical Service

Policies affecting employees represented by a union are found in the appropriate Agreements.

Wage Payroll, Nonacademic

Individuals who became eligible on or before December 31, 2014, for earned time and holiday time will continue to be eligible for such provisions provided there is no involuntary or voluntary separation from University employment or transfer into a full-time benefits eligible position.

See Policy HR103 Employment Conditions for Part-Time, Intermittent/Short-Term & Full-Time Student Employees for established criteria for those grandfathered under discontinued Policy HR05 prior to December 31, 2014.


With the exception of the Applied Research Lab and the University Libraries, if you are in a full-time academic appointment, you do not have a defined vacation program – the amount of paid time off is determined by your college.

See policy AC 61: Faculty Vacation

Unused vacation time when leaving the University

When an employee leaves University employment, the Human Resources area is responsible for calculating vacation time payout and will submit such to Payroll for processing. Effective June 30, 2017, Payroll combines the final paycheck AND any applicable vacation and/or sick payout in ONE final check. For the applicability of payout based on your position, please review the details located within Policy HR34.