Technical Service Recruitment Process - Internal


This is the process for hiring a new Technical service internal employee within the Finance and Business/Intercollegiate Athletics HR Consolidation. Included are: identification of responsibilities, procedures, workflows, and forms needed.


Below are the steps that outline the process for hiring a new Technical service internal employee within the Finance and Business (F&B)/Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) HR Consolidation.

  • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager should save copy of form for use later when completing Notification of Appointment information (many fields will automatically populate from the Permission to Search portion)
  • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager submits the PTS/NOA Form to Recruitment (forms with missing information will be returned and will delay the process)
  • Recruiter uploads PTS/NOA Form in the Appointment Request System and assigns access to Approvers
  • Approvers, upon receiving notification email and link from Appointment Request System, review Permission to Search section of the PTS/NOA Form and approve or deny. 
    • If any approver selects “not approved”, a notification email is received by Recruiter, who will work with HR Consultant (HRC) and Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager to discuss changes and resubmission of PTS/NOA Form.
    • HRC should ensure that appropriate approvers have approved prior to approving
  • Recruiter will, upon receiving Appointment Request System email notification that all approvers have approved:
  • Fill Lateral Transfer Requests (check attendance, work recommendation, and if there are any active warning letters)
  • Post position internally in EJMS and email confirmation to the Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager
  • Work with Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager for screening criteria
  • Provide candidate pool access to screening committee
  • Recruiter provides interview committee training
    • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager attends interview committee training (future state; currently provided with process info)
    • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager determines Interview questions in consultation with Recruiter
  • Recruiter reviews applicant*
    • Recruiter checks attendance and work recommendation
    • Recruiter, if applicant is eligible based on above, will submit attendance and work recommendation to Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager
    • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager reviews materials and interviews applicant
    • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager schedules and conducts required testing in collaboration with Recruiter, including:
      • CDL
      • Respirator
      • Skills-based
      • Written
      • Hands-on
  • Recruiter works with Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager to administer testing (ABS only)
  • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager extends verbal offer contingent on required background checks
  • Hire date should be selected with ample time for any additional required background checks to be completed (typically a minimum of two weeks)
  • Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager completes Notification of Appointment portion of PTS/NOA Form and emails to Recruitment (copying HRC) (forms with missing information will be returned and will delay the process)
    • Recruiter uploads PTS/NOA Form to the Appointment Request System.
    • Budget Administrator approves or denies upon receiving notification from Appointment Request System
    • Recruiter prepares offer letter and sends to candidate
    • Candidate returns signed offer letter to Recruiter
  • Recruiter sends PTS/NOA Form to HR Services, including copy of offer letter (If signed offer letter is not available at that time, it is sent upon receipt)
    • HR Services initiates any required additional background check(s)
    • HR Services notifies Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager once new hire has completed any additional required background check(s), and may begin working, copying Recruiter
    • Recruiter closes out job in EJMS.
    • HR Services processes IBIS form(s)
    • HR Services/Departmental Contact/Hiring Manager forwards any search materials to Recruiter for retention of search file

*If at any time during this process a candidate is “closed off”, the process begins again at this point until no other internal candidates have bid. In this case move onto External process.

NOTE: This process assumes that the Hiring Manager and HR Consultant have already had conversations if a job review is required for vacant position to be posted with a different profile and/or level

Process Flow Charts

Technical Service Recruitment process Internal