Job Responsibilities Worksheet Application FAQs

What has changed in the JRW application?

The JRW has been updated to streamline the ongoing process, including more multiple choice sections with opportunities for narrative responses as appropriate. The competencies section was removed with new sections added for fiscal responsibilities, problem solving, independence of action, communication and collaboration, and job requirements (for supervisors only).

Why has the JRW application changed?

The JRW was updated for the following reasons:

  • Easier for employees and managers to complete and for HR to validate
  • Not dependent on individual writing styles
  • Collects the same type of information for all jobs in a consistent manner

How will this information be used?

The information collected through this process will be used in the immediate future to help Penn State create a job architecture that truly reflects the work that is being done today and will help document and clarify career growth and opportunities at the University. Additionally, we will be able to accurately compare Penn State responsibilities against the market to ensure competitive pay.

We will not reduce anyone’s pay as a result of this forthcoming initiative or restructure staffing levels, so no one will lose their position as a direct result of this initiative.
On an ongoing basis, this information will be used in many aspects of our talent management and compensation and classification processes, including:

  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Training and Career Development 
  • Performance Management and Goal Setting
  • Job Evaluation 
  • Workforce Planning
  • Succession Planning  

Will I have to update my JRW again during the next performance management cycle?

In 2021, this will be the only time you are required to update your JRW. In future years, you are encouraged to revisit your JRW with your manager during each performance management cycle.

What should I input for Business Title? 

If you have an existing business title in Workday, you can list that in the Position Summary section of the JRW. If not, you can input your desired working title here to be approved by your supervisor. Note: your business title cannot be an existing job title other than your own.

Why can’t my primary duty percentage be greater than 50% or less than 5%?

Duties should be neither too broad nor too specific for purposes of job classification.

Can I add job duties that will take place in future? 

No, job duties should only be listed for actions that are currently taking place and are permanent in nature. As a reminder, your supervisor can open your JRW for editing at any point.

What if I’m unsure of what to write for Supervisory & Fiscal Responsibilities?

If you are unsure, please check with your direct supervisor for clarification.

How do I know what to fill out in the Scope section? 

While many positions will have scope that may vary, occasionally performing higher-level scope activities, select the option that applies the majority of the time. Please also reference the JRW training materials for specific examples for each selection available.

What should I select in the Scope section if my position works at multiple Commonwealth campuses or Colleges?

Select the College, Commonwealth Campus, unit-wide option, and include additional commentary in the space provided, if appropriate. 

What if I have additional and/or specific questions?

For additional information, please reach out to your supervisor, your HRSP/HRC.

For Supervisors: 
Why can’t I edit my employee’s JRW? 

Employees must make changes to their JRW themselves, however as a Supervisor you can provide suggested text/edits back to an employee when reviewing their JRW.

How do I enter the Supervisor specific section of the JRW for the Compensation Modernization project? 

This information can only be entered after you have reviewed all sections of the employee’s JRW and after you have clicked “approved” under the JRW status.

Where can I find previous JRWs? 

This can be found under the “Employee Archive – JRW Archive” section while viewing the employee’s JRW.