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Organizational Development

Penn State’s Talent Management team is available to support your unit, college, or campus development needs. The team partners with units, colleges, and campuses to identify opportunities to increase organizational effectiveness. Depending upon the situation, activities could involve a review of the organization’s structure (people and positions), processes, policies, and performance goals and objectives. Based on the needs assessment, a solution may involve training and development activities to support the performance and productivity of team members, process improvements, organizational design, or support for performance planning and assessment.

Customized Services

Talent Management has the ability to deliver targeted learning and/or development programs based on your team’s specific needs. Our solutions may involve customized training, a facilitated workshop, retreat planning, or team building initiatives, all based on the initial needs assessment.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

The Executive and Leadership Coaching program is a technique used to grow and develop the University’s leaders. Leaders exist at every level at Penn State and may or may not have the formal title of manager. However, in any case, success in an employee’s role will directly impact the success of the University. In this program, a coach is often engaged to support a new leader as they transition into their role or during a time of significant change within their team, unit, college, or campus.

The role of a coach is to work with the leader to identify personal growth and development opportunities that will strengthen or build behaviors important to both their personal and the University’s success. During this program, the coach will guide development and implementation of an action plan to achieve defined development objectives and consult when challenges arise that would benefit from additional discussion with the coach.

360 Degree Feedback

A 360 assessment is a development tool that allows an individual to collect feedback related to their performance from peers, subordinates, and their direct supervisor. Feedback is gathered using an anonymous, online survey tool and the results are reviewed with a trained facilitator, typically a member of the Talent Management team. The objective is for the individual to learn more about their personal strengths and opportunities for growth and use this information to create an individual development plan.

The 360 assessment can be administered to an individual or team as a standalone activity or be delivered as part of a larger program.

All engagements begin with a conversation and a needs assessment.