Compensation Modernization

The Compensation Modernization initiative is a large-scale project that will modernize Penn State’s compensation and career structures for staff positions. The goal of the initiative is to create modern, competitive compensation structures and clear, supportive career development resources for staff members to use. Penn State Human Resources (HR) is excited to implement this transformational project and offer the University’s valued staff members more visibility and support as they work to grow and advance in their careers.

Key focus areas of the initiative include:

  • Offering visibility into possible career paths for staff members;
  • Establishing a compensation philosophy, a formal framework that describes Penn State’s overall approach to employee compensation;
  • Updating job documentation;
  • Benchmarking the majority of staff jobs;
  • Analyzing pay structure and levels;
  • Updating how compensation decisions are made;
  • Providing comprehensive, transparent, and streamlined compensation and career services to managers and their staff.

Staff Information Session

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View the recording of a live staff information session from November 2023.

Training Videos

Philosophy and Framework

Philosophy & Career Framework

Learn about Penn State's new compensation philosophy and career framework.

Job Architecture

Job Architecture

Learn about Penn State's new job architecture.

Salary Structure

Salary Structure and Pay Guidelines

Learn about the salary structure and pay guidelines for compensation modernization.

Milestone Estimated Timing
HR implements all feedback and changes to job architecture and market assessment based on review from leaders in units, colleges, and campuses. March2023
Managers review their staffs’ job profiles and levels. Managers submit any necessary changes to unit HR. Mid April - May 2023
Staff receive notification of their updated job profile, level, and exemption status. Late June 2023
Salary structure, including new staff salary grades, are shared. FY 2024
New career development resources shared on the HR website. FY 2024

Please note that changes resulting from this initiative may take additional years to fully implement. New job architecture and salary structures will be implemented upon project completion during the 2024 fiscal year, but leaders and managers across the University may need time to plan for how implementation will affect their areas.

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Full-time Staff Job Catalog

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Frequently Asked Questions

Focus Group Results

Focus Group Results