Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive & Leadership Coaching provides a proven path for employees to become more effective in their interpersonal and work relationships.  Coaching services are provided by certified coaches who are trained to assess, listen, observe, and customize their approach to individual leadership development needs. The coach partners with the client to develop action plans and holds the client accountable throughout the process. 

A series of one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to produce specific positive changes by the client within a fixed time frame to: 

  • Maximize strengths
  • Address workplace behavioral challenges
  • Master leadership and communication competencies
  • Better manage elevated levels of stress
  • Adapt and thrive an environment of change or transition

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Coaching is for all employees, entry level management to senior executives. Coaching enables the following:

  • Establishment of goals and a path toward reaching them
  • Awareness of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding back progress
  • Clarity on strengths and an ability to minimize weaknesses
  • Ideas for ways to improve in areas that may not be seen - awareness of blind spots
  • Support and encouragement as changes are made
  • Honesty about the impact of workplace behaviors
  • Support for improving specific skills - communication, delegation, conflict management, persuasion, etc.
  • Development of solid results and greater productivity

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